Breast Reduction تصغير الثدي

Breast reductive surgery is done for large breasts to ensure better shnape as well as to relieve sometimes back problems that can arise from huge breasts.
The procedure is done under general anesthesia
There are several techniques for breast reduction, the most used of which are the inverted T scar with different nipple-aroela transfer patterns, and the single longitudinal scar techniques (Lejour Method)
The first technique is done through an incision around the areola, avertical scar from the areola down to meet a transverse scar under the breast forming a T-shaped final scar.
The latter method is suitable for small to moderate sized reduction and is done wthout the transverse incision component.
Surgical drains are usually placed for 48 hours and the patient usually stay overnight in hospital. 
The scars usually heal well, the scars are usually inconspicuous, the transverse scar is not visible being hidden under the breast.
future lactation can not be guaranteed after surgery despite the fact that lactiferous ducts are preserved in many techniques used.