Breast Reconstruction إعادة بناء الثدي بعد الإستئصال

Breast reconstruction after radical mastectomy operation for breast cancer is of tremendous value for the patient's moral adn self-esteem.

It can be done at the same time of mastectomy operation provided proper staging shows early cancer (Stage 1-2), or can be done later on after operation.

There are different ways for reconstructing the breast:
1-The use of implants
2-The use of muscle flaps from the back (Latissmus dorsi flap) and from the apron area below the umbilicus (TRAM flap)

3-The use of fat transfer from other parts of the body after Preparing a new envelope for the breast using external expansion "BRAVA system" new

The best results and least interference with postoperative cancer theraphy is the use of the TRAM flap with transfers, muscle, fat and skin from the abdomen below the umbilicus to fill in place of removed breast, entailing the performance of an abdominplasty as well

The transfered tissues have the advantages of feeling similar to that of the breast, adequate size and the tolerance to post-mastectomy radiotherapy.

The abdominal wall defect following muscle transfer is uasually closed directly, and in some cases closed with the aid of a prolene mesh.

Drains are usually removed after 5 days, after which patient is discharged from hospital.

The stitches are removed after 10 days, after which radiotherapy can be started.

Nipple and aerola reconstruction can be done thrre months following breast reconstruction as a day case surgery