Breast Augmentation (Enlargement) & Lift تكبير و شد الثدي

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is done using a prosthetic implant that does not react with the body tissues. It is implanted through a very small incision in the infra-mammary crease which will not be apparent as it is in the under surface of the newly sized breast.

The procedure has not been found to cause any harmful side effects, nor to cause cancer. There are two types of implants: the saline filled implants and the silicone gel implants. Both types can be implanted under the breast or under the chest muscles below the breast. The latter way is used more as the implant can not interfere in the future with breast examination, mammograms or any breast procedure.

The main concern in breast augmentation is the development of breast capsule (fibrous tissue reaction around the implant) which may cause alteration of the shape of the breast if what is known as capsular contraction occurs. 

We use Mentor and Nagoor implants

Ways to avoid breast capsular contraction:
Many methods to prevent capsular contractions are used
1- Selection of implant type: Saline filled implant have very little incidence of capsular contraction compared with Silicone gel implants
2- Selection of implant surface: Textured implants have very little incidence of capsular contraction compared with smooth ones
3- Place of implantation: Submuscular implantation have very little incidence of capsular contraction compared with subglandular ones
4-  Postoperative breast excercises: During postoperative period, the patient is instructed to do certain breast excercises in all directions which markedly reduces the possibility of developing capsular contraction

The procedure is done under general anesthesia as a day case surgery, the patient can leave hospital at the same day.

Postoperatively there is no significant pain, just slight discomfort from the muscle being stretched over the implant, which will fade over the following weeks, meanwhile the patient is instructed not to lift heavy objects.

The patient will wear restrictive garments or hard bras for the first week after surgery in order to keep the desired position of the implant and to help moulding the shape of the augmented breast.

It is a safe and simple surgery with almost no side effects and a great aesthetic benefit. Photos

Breast lifting (Mastopexy)

Different procedures are done to treat breast sagging (ptosis) which usually occur after multiple pregnancies and lactation, or may occur in young individuals before marriage.

According to the degree of breast ptosis, different modalities of treatment are used:

1-In mild ptosis: use of breast implant alone can achieve the desired lifting with minimal enlargement of the breast through a very small incision on the under surface of the breasts.
2- In moderateptosis: the desired lifting is usually done through incisions around the areola and a longitudinal incision below the areola . Both incisions usually heal very well with the least conspicuous scars
3- In severe ptosis: A formal lifting procedure should be employed entailing a circumareolar incision, a longitudinal incision as well as a transverse incision under the breast (The formal T-incision)

In all conditions the patient can leave hospital the same day. The use of drains may be needed which are usually removed after 48 hours. The patient will wear non-soft bras immediately after surgery.