King's Cup "Egyptian Cup"

First Round

30 Apr 1944 Ithad 2-0 Tanta Sekka

30 Apr 1944 Ithad Suez 0-3 Farouk "Zamalek"

30 Apr 1944 Ahly 3-0 Tanta's Foad The 1st Club

30 Apr 1944 Canal Police 2-0 Port Foad

30 Apr 1944 Cairo Sekka 4-0 Beni Suef

30 Apr 1944 Masry 3-2 Suez Police

30 Apr 1944 Tersana 5-0 Cairo Police

30 Apr 1944 Olympic 2-0* Teram
*Match was replayed on 7 May 1944 due to participation of a suspended Olympic Player, Olympic won
, score unavailable


Quarter Final

12 May 1944 Farouk "Zamalek" 3-1 Olympic

14 May 1944 Cairo Sekka 4-0 Ithad

14 May 1944 Canal Police 0-1 Ahly

14 May 1944 Tersana 1-2 Masry

Semi Final

20 May 1944 Ahly 4-0 Cairo Sekka

21 May 1944 Farouk "Zamalek" W.O. Masry (Masry withdrew protesting to play 3 away matches in a row)

Egyptian Cup Final 1943/44
Farouk "Zamalek" 2 Jun 1944 Ahly
Scorers   -

Mokhtar Hafez "Zoklut" 3

Mohsen El-Sehaimi 2

Abdel Karim Sakr



- -
Zamalek Line Up -

Ahly Line Up

Yehia Emam (GK)

Said El-Arabi

Galal Keraitam

Hanafi Bastan

Anwar El-Bashbishi

Abdel Rehim Shendi

Omar Shendi

Hafez Zoklot

Moustafa Kamel Taha

Abdel Karim Sakr

Mohsen El-Sehaimi


Kamal Hamed (GK)

Kamel Ateya


Mahmoud El-Mehailmi

Hamdi Karawan

Mohamed El-Guindi

Mounir Hafez

Saleh El-Sawwaf

Moustafa Elwani "El-Kassar"

Ahmed Mekawi

Hussein Madkour

After a delayed start of the competition due to player suspension by federation (see full details of the conflict) which led to cancellation of the cup final of the previous season (1943) sharing cup between Ahly and Zamalek, suspension was lifted on 19 April 1944, Allowing for a month preparation for all teams then competition started, Ahly reached final after beating Tanta in R1, Canal Police in R2 & Cairo Sekka in SF, While Farouk "Zamalek" reached final by beating Ithad Suez, Olympic then a walk-over vs Masry who withdrew protesting cairo as a Venue

Final was played on 2 June 1944
Zamalek's name at that time was Farouk refuting old misbelief that Zamalek's Name was changed from Mokhtalat to Farouk following that victory as a reward from King Farouk who attended the final




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