Farouk Cup "Egyptian Cup"


Preliminary Rounds (On Zonal Level)

6 Apr 1930 Ismaily 8-0 Suez Nahda

13 Apr 1930 Ismaily 3-3 Masry
20 Apr 1930 Masry 4-1 Ismaily

13 Nov 1929 White Ahly "Ahly B" BEAT Block El-Khafar

29 Nov 1929 (11 Dec 1929) Mokhtalat "Zamalek" lost to White Ahly "Ahly B"

8 Dec 1929 Sekka Drew with New Mokhtalat "Zamalek B"
18 Dec 1929 Sekka BEAT New Mokhtalat "Zamalek B"

9 Dec 1929 Blue Ahly "Ahly C"  lost to Ahly

10 Dec 1929 Tersana BEAT Zeitoun

7 Mar 1930 Fayoum lost to Sekka

18 Mar 1930 White Ahly "Ahly B" 0-2 Sekka (Mourad 23" / Badawi 66")

20 Oct 1929 Olympic 11-0 Tag (Egyptian Crown)


Ithad BEAT Alam Turki (Turkish Flag)

Quarter Final (First Round)

13 Apr 1930 Olympic 1-2 Ahly

30 Apr 1930 Masry 4-1 Sekka

Ithad BYE

Tersana BYE


Semi Final

2 May 1930 Tersana 2-5 Ithad (Ali Reyadh 25" / Rihan 87") (El-Sayed Houda 15", 16" / Abdel Al 43" / Zein Eldin 70" / Awad 80")

6 May 1930 Masry 1-1* Ahly (Maghrabi) (Mamdouh)
* According to Al Ahram newspaper on 7 May 1930; Despite competition regulation, no extra time was played because Ahly team backed by the referee REDA OSMAN refused to play extra time which would mean they woulg miss the last train to Cairo blaming Masry for the situation as they came 15 min late to match start time. Masry demanded to be awarded the match by withdrawal. Egyptian Federation decided that the match would be replayed in Cairo. Masry withdrew refusing Federation decision to accept referee's report and to replay match in Cairo, So Ahly was awarded the match

Egyptian Cup Final 1929/30
Ahly 16 May 1930 Ithad
Scorers Referee: Hussein Emam -

Hafez Kaseb

Mahmoud Mokhtar



- -
Ahly Line Up -

Ithad Line Up

Ahmed Askar (GK)

Ahmed Rifaat

Kamel Massoud

Rizkallah Henayen

Aki El-Hassani

Youssef El-Sheraiei

Hafez Kaseb

Amin Shoair

Tawfik Abdullah

Mahmoud Mokhtar El-Tetch

Mamdouh Mokhtar Sakr


Mokhtar Amin (GK)

Hassan Helmi

Hamido Charlie

Khamis Badr

Hassan Ragab

Gaber El-Souri

Hassan Abdeen

El-Sayed Houda

Mahmoud Houda

Mohamed Zain El-Abdeen

Awad Abdel Halim

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