Farouk Cup "Egyptian Cup"

(First Edition)

First Round

Schools Team Drew with Tawfekeya
Schools Team BEAT Tawfekeya

Ahly BEAT Nile

3 Mar 1922
Mokhtalat "Zamalek" 4-0 Tersana (El-Sayed Abaza 2 / Youssef Mohamed / Ali Reyadh)

Sekka BYE by Toss

Abbaseya BYE by Toss

Ithad BYE by Toss

Olympic "Alexandria Government Employees Club" BYE by Toss

New Club "El-Hadeeth" BYE by Toss

Quarter Final

19 Mar 1922 Mokhtalat "Zamalek" 3-0 Olympic "Government Employee Club" (El-Sayed Abaza 3)

Schools Team Beat Sekka

Abbaseya Drew with New Club "El-Hadeeth"
Abbaseya BEAT New Club "El-Hadeeth"

Ithad Drew with Ahly
Ithad BEAT Ahly

Semi Final

31 Mar 1922 Mokhtalat "Zamalek" 3-0 Schools Team (Youssef Mohamed / Ali Reyadh / Mohamed Gabr) 

Ithad BEAT Abbaseya

Egyptian Cup Final 1921/22
Zamalek 21/04/1922 Ithad
Scorers - -

Gamil Osman

El-Sayed Abaza

Hussein Hegazi

Ali Reyadh 2

- - -
Zamalek Line Up - Ithad Line Up

Mahmoud Marei (GK)

Foad Gamil

Youssef Wahbi

Mohamed Gabr

Ali El-Hassani

Abdel Salam Hamdi

El-Sayed Abaza

Ali Reyadh

Hussein Hegazi

Youssef Mohamed

Gamil Osman


Zaki Shaaban "El-Shel" (GK)

Hassan El-Deeb

Hassan Fares

Foad Naguib


Hussein Moussa

Mahmoud Houda

Ibrahim Merghani

El-Sayed Habashi

Magdi El-Deeb

El-Sayed Houda

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